From Medicaid To Getting Paid

Living in New York and being on Medicaid is a struggle they make you go to all sorts of programs, back to work, etc. on a 9-5 schedule in exchange for your benefits. At first I looked at this is a "Why is this happening to me thing?" a very losing mindset until I went to one of medicaid's financial programs and realized that's what I was missing my whole life nobody taught me about financial confidence and how to keep a cash flow. Don't get me wrong I hustle my ass off but I was never really taught about money. Right then and there I realized if I look at being on Medicaid as a temporary thing and not my last destination I could get out my situation! And Then Boom Son "From Medicaid To Getting Paid" was a thing. Now I Can't wait to start my very own program one day to help others!

Coming Soon

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